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    • Celebrating Kim's Achievement!

      We celebrate Kim's achievement for completing two years of moving toward a positive vision for her life at the Clare Community.  Kim is now employed full-time as Production Manager for Gifts for the Journey and is living independently and sharing her story of transformation wherever she goes.  Congrats and thank you, Kim!
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Welcome to Gifts for the Journey™ , the non-profit Social Enterprise ministry of Franciscan Peacemakers.  Gifts for the Journey employs women with a history of abuse, prostitution, human trafficking and drug/alcohol addictions.  The natural, handmade bar soap, bath bombs, lotions and candles we make are as good for the earth as they are for the body.  Your purchase of Gifts for the Journey products directly contributes to transformed lives and the healing of our community.  

Please visit our Franciscan Peacemakers website to learn more about our ministry www.franciscanpeacemakers.com